Order Info

Ordering Information

This web page describes the simple procedures we use to enable our customers to order their bronzes on-line (secure shopping cart) or off-line (print & post/fax).

For on-line ordering please use the “Click Here to Buy” links that add your choice/s to a shopping cart and allows you to pay with your credit card. Please note that prices given on this web site are exclusive of Australian Good and Services (GST) tax. This is because we have both local and International buyers and International customers are not required to pay GST. OR for one item only, simply complete the order form page on this web site and click the SUBMIT button to send it directly to the Realities computer OR print the order form, complete it using a black pen and in block capitals and fax it to +61 2 6655 0775.


For those of our customers who are hesitant about the use of credit cards on the Internet, we have, as noted above, provided the alternative of printing the order form from our web site and sending the order and payment through the post or fax. We have taken every possible security measure to protect both our customers and ourselves against e-transaction risk and are confident that the system we use is secure. A large majority of our customers use a credit card on line to pay for the purchase of their bronzes.

Realities Action

When we receive your shopping cart order, we acknowledge receipt of the order and payment to your e-mail address. We immediately schedule the casting of the ordered bronze and this enables us to include a target dispatch date in this communication. Casting is authorised immediately your payment is received and cleared by our bank and in due course, a second e-mail to your address advises you of the actual dispatch date of your bronze.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs always do present problems to both the customer and the supplier. To make the purchasing process as simple as possible we have decided to absorb the entire cost of postage within federal Australia for orders over $150. Realities has tried to provide accurate shipping costs, but because there are too many combinations of shipping zones, order size and weight, at times we will need to advise you of shipping cost variation (up or down).


If any customer wishes to purchase multiple items then we do offer discounts starting with quantities in excess of 3 of any one item. Please e-mail to contact@realities.com.au for a quotation.


We hope this information gives you confidence in us and our business integrity. We look forward to knowing you as our valued customer and expect that the sheer quality and uniqueness of your treasured bronze will make it an object of interest to your friends and family who perhaps, will aspire to ownership of one of our pieces. We think that a bronze from our catalogue would make a quite fantastic gift; it surely makes a powerful statement about your esteem for the recipient.

We are absolutely sure that you will derive considerable pleasure from the ownership of our bronze and perhaps even more pleasure from the generous gifting or personal recommendation of our very special product to very special friends and family.

Thank you for your interest.